Robin’s Journey

I grew up with a strong faith in God. I prayed every day and noticed that whenever I asked for help, it always seemed the right people and situations would come into my life at the precise time (Divine Guidance).  I also recognized how I was being watched over and protected during dangerous encounters. It was from these threatening experiences and answered prayers that my faith and spiritual curiosity grew.

I will never forget that snowy evening while driving on the slippery Interstate. I was one of few cars on the road, but I noticed many large tractor trailer trucks driving closely behind me. We were all driving much faster than we should have in such slippery conditions. Suddenly, my car slid out of control, it spun around, and I was facing the on-coming trucks. Fear flushed throughout as thoughts of being hit head-on filled my mind. However, to my surprise, the three trucks that were now within five feet of me were completely stopped. How did this happen? It would have been impossible for those large, speeding trucks to stop so abruptly in such bad conditions. This is called Divine Intervention – I learned that my deceased grandmother and guardian angel had stopped the trucks and saved my life. This experience brought the awareness of how I was being divinely protected, and how there was definitely something much bigger out there than I had imagined.

I always had great empathy and compassion for people, and an immense desire to be of service to others. Being true to this, a few years later I was guided to lead a High School Youth Group at my church. This was not just a simple decision to do volunteer work, but actually, a very strong nudging pulled me in this direction. I am thankful I followed this “nudging,” for working with the teenagers brought great learning, wonderment and profound validation that my soul’s passion was to serve and guide others .

One exceptionally memorable experience I had leading the Youth Group was when we traveled to West Virginia to participate in the Appalachian Service Project – a program to help repair homes in rural Appalachia. This trip was definitely a divine gift – filling my heart and being of service to the local residents who lived in very poor conditions. This was the first time our youth group was exposed to homes without running water or indoor bathrooms. They were exposed to children who had no shoes on their feet, and their bathtub was the stream nestled behind the outhouse. These families collected buckets of rainwater for showering and drinking. Alternatively, our teenage youth group came from homes with indoor plumbing, plenty of food in the refrigerator, and too many clothes in their closets. While our youth group worked hard in the hot sun each day, I saw the miracle of their transformation in this one short week. Their teenage thoughts shifted from expecting and wanting, to being compassionate and thankful. They converted from being judgmental and entitled, to accepting and all-loving. Their hearts opened up to appreciating their families, appreciating their differences with peers, and being grateful for the abundance they had received in their lives. I was extremely moved to see this transformation in these teenagers! It was from watching this miracle unfold before my eyes that I knew my greatest joy came from seeing others filled with love, compassion and appreciation. This blessing of working in Appalachia saturated my heart with the purpose of, “How can I be of service to more people? How can I assist others to live a fulfilling life? How can I open their hearts to embrace love and acceptance?”  Years later, God and the angels would show me the way.

Years passed, and as I maintained the strong desire to be of service to others, my spiritual cravings increased. Then, one fateful day, an acquaintance began talking to me about angels. I knew angels were written about in the Scriptures and I heard stories of angels, but my childhood beliefs told me these angels only appeared during the Biblical times. I certainly was mistaken! As this acquaintance continued to discuss the angels, my heart fluttered with excitement, for I suddenly realized, this is what I had been searching for. She then told me about the book, “Angelspeake, How to Talk with Your Angels,” written by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark. It was at this moment that this one small book became the catalyst to my enormous spiritual growth.

That evening, I devoted 1 ½ hours of quiet time to read the entire book. I was so anxious to communicate with my angels, that I sat down with pen to paper, ready to write.  I prayed to God and asked for his angels to come to me. I then wrote, “Dear Angels, What would you like me to know today?”  I instantly received an entire page of words. It was like automatic dictation. At first I was wondering if this was in my head, but when I re-read the message several times, I knew I did not speak to myself in this way. It was too loving. It had great insight. It was filled with inspiring guidance, from which only an angel would deliver. From that moment forward, I wrote to my angels every day. It felt empowering to receive their loving messages and insightful guidance, and my life was forever changed!

As I continued to write the angels, I was still very eager to learn more. I attended numerous workshops and received certifications. I attended seminars and practiced mediumship. I read many books on spirituality and healing. I had weekly spiritual coaching sessions and a multitude of angel readings. I even practiced Reiki as a healing component to my angel studies. It reached the point where I was so inspired by the angels loving guidance, that I realized my life passion was to teach about their messages of peace, joy and love, and to help others experience their own empowering transformations. As a result, AngelHappiness was born.

One year after the birth of my angel business, nothing could have prepared me more for the shock of my life; my dear brother suddenly passed. Michael and I were soul-siblings and I adored him. Emotionally, we supported each other. As you can imagine, his departure left a huge hole in my heart. To help mend my heart, I have worked with the healing power of the Archangels. I have written the divine angels daily for their guidance, and thankful for my mediumship gifts, I have found great comfort in communicating with my brother. Two days after his passing, Michael came to me; he appeared happy and healthy. My brother said, “Look Robin, it’s me, Mike. I’m okay. I’m okay. Robin, I AM OKAY!” These words were very poignant because each day leading up to his death, he asked me with fear, “Robin, will I be okay?” Michael also told me how much he loved me and that he appreciated everything I had done for him. As he was saying these words, he was patting his legs and arms with his hands to show he was real and alive. Grateful for his appearance and comforting messages, I decided to write him daily, asking him to help me on my journey. Michael has helped with my children, with my parents, with my home, with my life. From this tender communication and guidance from my brother, I have the wonderful knowing that he is happy, he is watching over me, and his soul is still very much alive.

It is my honor to help you receive inspiring and loving guidance from your angels and loved ones in spirit, through the AngelHappiness workshops, angel readings, and connections with your deceased loved ones. Working with the angels and our loved ones in spirit is Empowering! Asking them questions and knowing they will show us the next steps to take in our life is Enlightening!  We are never alone on our journey here on earth.  The angels love us, unconditionally.

Angel Love and Peace,