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Angel readings are unique to each individual.  These empowering sessions provide loving connections and messages from your angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones.  Angel readings will help guide you along your life path, and bring insight to your divine purpose.  A reading will also bring clarity to help you move forward when you are experiencing blocks, will help answer questions, solve problems, confirm thoughts, and gently provides healing, hope, awareness and enlightenment.  All angelic sessions are wrapped in the heavenly white light and filled with pure love.  Angel readings are offered in person, over the phone or via email.

60 Min. session $90

45 Min. session $75

30 Min. session $50

  Email Reading $50


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60 Min. Reading $90

45 Min. Reading $75

30 Min. Reading $50

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Angelic Celebrations

For a unique birthday celebration or home gathering, I am happy to offer you a special engagement with your angels.  An afternoon or evening with your friends and the angels, will prove to be empowering, enriching and very fun.  A unique angel theme, catered to your specific desires, will be created.  Material from the variety of angel workshops will be combined to develop an exceptional birthday celebration.  For example, wouldn’t it be fun to share angel card readings at your party?

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I have read that life is a wonderful journey of discovery. Inviting Robin to teach about angels at my birthday gathering gave us all even a greater awareness of the beauty in our paths. We ended the evening inspired and full of joy, knowing that we are living each moment surrounded by angels, who are continually guiding us, and all we have to do is ask for their help. With so much gratitude and appreciation in my heart, I can say for sure, it was a precious gift that will always be remembered. You get more than five stars, and you are amazing.

Lynne, Huntington, CT


Angel Reading Parties

Angel Reading Parties are super fun and enlightening!

Host an Angel Reading party at your home, invite your friends, co-workers and family members, serve a little wine (or a lot) with some munchies, and enjoy socializing while each guest enjoys a private, one-on-one reading with Robin in a separate room.  Just for hosting, you will receive a FREE, 30 minute Angel Reading. For more information, please contact: