TESTIMONIAL: Pastor Dorothy

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your Workshops at our Church.  All three workshops were wonderful, spiritual experiences.  With 20 to 25 people at each one, it was a time of sharing and caring about what each person was experiencing.  There were tears and laughter, and even friendships developed.  I knew we had the right person with us when you started with prayer and told us to envision surrounding ourselves with pure white light. (in the ministry we call it Christ light).  

You introduced us to the Angels and gave us their names and purpose, and to understand who we could call upon to send to help us.   You taught us how to connect to our Guardian and other Angels and get guidance from them.  I have started an Angel journal and meditate and get messages in that journal.  The guidance has been helpful. 

As a Church, we prayed to God to send us an Angel Guide (you have seen her image at our Church) and we printed 500 cards with that image and have been giving them to people who need a blessing.  We tell them that we asked God to bless anyone who receives the card and send an angel to protect them.  The response has been remarkable – we had to reprint the card (2,000 cards this time) and they are flying out of the Church, and all of our members are giving them to people that they meet who need a blessing.  Everyone says, “Thank you, I need this.”  We are sharing the Angel message, and Thank God for sending you to us, Robin, to share your message. God Bless YOU.

Regards, Pastor Dorothy
Riverside Community Church, Oxford, CT

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