The Angels teach us, Love is the Light and Love Heals.
Whenever you are having a difficult time with something or someone, simply send LOVE.

I have taken every single class Robin offers, and I hope for more in the future, as she is a highly inspiring teacher and an amazing woman. I have grown leaps and bounds and have learned so much about the Angels through her guidance and teachings. During her workshops I’m always impressed how Robin cares and gives personal attention to every single participant. She is truly a master at what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about the Angels. I thank God and His Angels for leading me to Robin.

Marie F. Connecticut


 Forgiveness and Your Angels

Forgiveness – What does this really mean?

  • Forgiveness means we are not allowing the other person’s behavior to affect us any longer.
  • Forgiveness Does Not mean we are saying the other persons words or actions are Okay.

In this class, we will learn tools to release the pain, anger and frustration we feel from others hurtful actions or words.

We will discuss the importance of forgiveness as a gift to ourselves and how forgiveness is about our own healing.

We will work with the Archangels to heal the hurt and to help pour forgiveness and love into our heart.

This class will also cover:

  • How do we forgive?
  • Self-love
  • Releasing Control in order to free ourselves
  • Forgiveness Exercises
  • Forgiveness journal and releasing





How to Communicate with Your Angels

  • Would you like to receive written messages from your angels or loved ones?
  • Would you like to learn how to access your angels for guidance?
  • Would you like to meet your spiritual support team?


Come to this amazing workshop and learn how easy and empowering it is to ask your angels questions and to receive their loving messages in writing!  This exciting class will teach you how to access your angels to solve problems and to supply support, love, healing and inspiration in guiding you every day.  You will learn the steps to receive the angels’ insightful messages, and you will learn your angel’s name. Whether this is your first time writing with your angels or you wish to enhance your spiritual connection, this class will enable you to take the next steps on your divine journey to communicating more clearly with your angels and loved ones. 


Robin’s workshops are enlightening, intriguing and so much fun!!!Learning to talk to our angels sets us on a divine path. In just one workshop, I learned how to get incredible information from the angels, which has helped bring joy and peace into my life!!!

Karin, Connecticut


 Healing with the Archangels

  • Are you interested in learning about the Archangels and who to call upon for Guidance in your everyday life?
  • Would you like to know which Archangels help you with your Health, Relationships, Finances and Career?
  • Would you like to bring Balance and Healing into your life?

Come to this empowering workshop and learn how helpful it is to call upon the Archangels for healing, guidance, abundance and support.  You will learn about the 15 major Archangels and the specific roles they play in guiding you in areas of relationships, money, career, school, worry, fear blocks, emotional/physical ailments and much more.  With the help from Archangel Michael, this class will teach you how to cut cords from unhealthy situations and to vacuum out negative energies.  With the aid from Archangel Metatron, we will clear blocked chakras and remove any toxins.  Plus, we will evaluate your life balance, identify which areas need strengthening, and which Archangels to call upon for guidance and healing. 


Thank you for the wonderful, “Healing with the Archangels” workshop! It really sparked the angel connections within me. So often we forget in our busy lives, the wonderful connection that each one of us has lying dormant.

Lori, Reiki Master – Connecticut


 Angel Signs/Numbers

Come to this eye-opening workshop and learn how the angels are communicating with you through numbers and objects.

  • Have you ever seen 111, 444 or 888 repeating on a clock, a license plate or even a register receipt?
  • Do certain numbers keep appearing in your life?
  • Do you see feathers, butterflies and penny’s at the oddest times and places?

This is no coincidence – these are signs and messages from your angels!

This workshop will discuss ways the Angels show us signs in our daily life, how to recognize these signs, and what the number signs mean.  You will also learn how to ask your angels for “gifts” in your life.  A handout of angel numbers and meanings will be provided.  This is a fun, interactive workshop. 



I have attended several of Robin’s Angel Workshops, all of them different and very exciting! Robin is well-versed in all the subjects she covers, and delivers the information in a very interesting manner. I enjoy the interaction of the other people who attend the workshops. After attending the Angel Signs/Numbers workshop, I am much more aware of the signs being delivered to me by the Angels, such as a butterfly, a feather dropped by my car door, etc. I look forward to my next experience with Robin!

Jill, Monroe, CT


Angel Cards Workshop

Angel cards are a wonderful, easy divination tool to help you receive insightful guidance from your Divine Angels.  Come learn how to do Angel Card Readings during this hands-on workshop.  You will learn how to clear, recharge and add intentions to your cards in order to receive clear messages.  You will practice card readings to help build your confidence when doing readings for yourself and others.  You will also learn about the Angels, Archangels and other Spirit World helpers.  All Angel Card Readings provide loving and empowering messages to give you gentle guidance in your everyday life.  Please bring your own Angel Oracle cards or if you would like me to purchase them for you, please contact 




I am truly grateful for Robin and her classes which have been life changing in many ways. They have opened my heart, eyes, soul and mind. I truly feel connected. I feel guidance. I feel love deeper than I ever could previously imagine. I consider Robin one of my Angels.
I am amazed every day by the Divine signs, card readings, messages and guidance. I’ve learned to trust my guidance…although at times I still question it or it doesn’t seem to appear the way I expect it to, but then it actually does, in its own way, at the right time. I’ve learned patience, trust in myself, in God and in my spirit guides, which has deepened my Spirituality and my faith. My spirit guides and daily card readings are amazing.

Kelli, Monroe CT


 Crystals & Angels

Come explore the powerful combination
of Crystals and Angelic Healing! 

 Crystals are powerful tools that assist in healing all areas of our lives – physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, health and romance.  Angels are spiritual beings who also help with healing these areas of our lives.  The Crystals & Angels workshop will assist you with combining the energy of the Crystals with the divine healing of the Angels. We will discuss the healing properties of the most popular Crystals and which Archangels they work in harmony with.  Workshop lecture will also include a basic introduction to Crystals and Angels, techniques for cleansing and charging Crystals, as well as the techniques for connecting with your Angels.  As a bonus, we will share Doreen Virtue’s messages channeled directly from the crystals.



Teen Workshop

(ages 13 and up)
Workshops are catered to your unique teenage group

  • Would your Teenager like to learn about the Angels and their Guardian Angel?
  • Would you like the Heavenly Angels loving guidance to help your Teenager with peer pressures?
  • Would you like your Teenager to know they are never alone and can feel unconditional Angelic Love?
  • In this world of many choices, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that the angels are there for your Teenager and will guide them in a positive direction?

This extremely empowering workshop will teach teenagers how to connect with their angels, and how to ask the angels for help with school, teachers, peer pressures, family relations, friendships and emotional pressures. Your teenager will learn how to receive enlightening messages from their angels, which will help guide them in every aspect of their life.  Knowing how to communicate with their angels is extremely empowering, and this is a very loving gift to your teenager.

Cost: $25




Children’s Workshop

(ages 5 – 12) 

 Workshops are catered to your children’s specific age group requirements

  • Would you like your child to know and feel unconditional Angelic Love?
  • Would you like your child to be guided along their spiritual path in a loving way?
  • In this world of many choices to make, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know your child will always be able to turn to the angels for their loving support and be guided in a positive direction?

This empowering workshop will bring awareness to your children on how the angels are with them all day.  This workshop will teach techniques on how to ask the angels for guidance, and it will enhance your child’s knowing of how to connect with their angels.  This children’s workshop is extremely engaging and fun! The class is outlined as follows:

  • Story time which details who the angels are and what they do all day.
  • Archangels are discussed while sharing large, colorful pictures of these magnificent angels.
  • Guardian angels are described and a discussion on how they always stay with your child.
  • Cherub angel cards are passed around to receive a special angel message.
  • Art time to visualize and draw their guardian angel. You will be amazed at the colors and artistry your children display.
  • A Meditation to lovingly guide your child to their inner connection and knowing.
  • Discussions to learn about the angel signs (feathers, rainbows, pennies, butterflies, dragonflies).
  • Children will learn how to ask the angels for help with friends, siblings, school, teachers, family and pets.

Teaching your children about the angels is absolutely priceless!

Cost: $25



I want to thank you for today. The girls absolutely loved the Childrens Angel class and as soon as you left they were asking when the next one was! That’s why I ran out to your car….. They made me do it! 😉 .

I was blown away by how structured and well thought out the class was. It’s not easy to come up with a 2 hour lesson plan that keeps the children engaged and motivated, but you seemed to pull it off without a hitch! Well done! (The teacher in me is impressed!). In addition, you gave the children a gift today that will support them throughout their lives. Well Done!

Danielle, CT